Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Environmental protection with GOGREEN

The transport sector, which also encompasses the logistics industry, is responsible for 23% of the world’s energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. As the world’s largest logistics service provider, we have a special obligation to minimize the negative impact of our business on the environment. At the same time, our stakeholders, including our customers, increasingly expect us to fulfill this obligation.

GoGreen, our Group-wide environmental protection program, is how we act on our responsibility. The main focus of GoGreen is to avoid, reduce and, when necessary, give our customers the chance to offset, greenhouse gas emissions (primarily CO2). These emissions account for the logistics industry's largest negative impact on the environment.

We measure greenhouse gas emissions using standardized procedures, which we continuously adapt and optimize. This allows us to identify potential efficiency gains and, as a next step, implement the necessary carbon efficiency measures.

The measures we implement are as diverse as our business. We develop and deploy innovative technologies across our fleets, offices and facilities. We are making the transition to alternative fuels, optimizing the carbon efficiency of our networks and routes, and increasing environmental awareness among our employees around the world.

We prioritize this wide-ranging list of measures based on two core principles. First, we focus our effort on the measures that promise the biggest efficiency gains. Second, we strive to reduce energy and fuel consumption before turning to alternative energy and fuel sources, including alternative fuels.

The Shared Value proposition plays an important role in all of our environmental protection activities. Shared Value means that our contributions to environmental protection and society also enhance the success of our business. In this way, our diverse carbon efficiency measures and portfolio of GOGREEN products and services not only benefit society and the environment, but also create added value for our customers, strengthening our market position.

GoGreen addresses other environmental factors in addition to greenhouse gas emissions. These include natural resource consumption (e.g. water and paper) as well as local air pollutants and noise pollution. We work to continuously reduce the negative environmental impact of our business activities by addressing these areas as well.