Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Shared Value through GOGREEN Products & Services

Sustainability: A market factor

The success of our business revolves around offering our customers high-quality, dependable products and services at competitive prices. Far more goes into a healthy relationship between a company and its customers than just product, price and quality, however. Customers want to know that the companies they buy from embrace sustainable business practices. Eco-friendliness and resource-efficient production are determining factors for today’s consumers, turning verified sustainability into a business success factor. This has been confirmed by the Green Trends Survey, a study conducted by Deutsche Post DHL in 2010 to better understand the acceptance of green logistics services among business customers. The study showed that 59% of all business customers surveyed believe that within the next 10 years, the green transport of their products will become a decisive factor for them when it comes to winning customers.

As revealed by our materiality analysis, which we conducted in 2013, environmental issues are of particular concern to our stakeholders, including our customers. 

The results of the materiality analysis confirm that we are on the right track with our green products and services. The range of GOGREEN solutions aligns with the Shared Value approach, which calls for strengthening our market position by enhancing the environmental performance of our business. We use the know-how gained from implementing our GoGreen program to offer our customers a comprehensive green product and service portfolio, which has steadily grown in response to increasing demand – evidence that we are meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. 

Our GOGREEN offering provides customers with a holistic range of green products and services. With our Carbon Reports, customers gain a deeper understanding of their business’s negative impacts on the environment. Customers can then turn to our product Green Optimization to help them implement measures to reduce these impacts. Remaining impacts can be offset with our climate-neutral products and delivery services.

Ensuring the consistent, high quality of our GOGREEN products and services is important to us. Projects selected for our climate-neutral offering are chosen based on the highest quality standards, and emissions calculation and offsetting are verified annually by an independent third party auditor.