Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Green Optimization

Since the inception of our GoGreen program, we have been able to build industry-leading knowledge and expertise in the area of eco-efficient logistics processes. We also share this competency with our customers through our Green Optimization product and service offering, helping them minimize the environmental impact of their business activities. This means working with customers to minimize the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions generated from their transport and logistics services, for instance, or helping customers find ways to reduce waste or save water at their facilities.

Our Green Optimization measures are designed first and foremost to minimize the customer’s greenhouse gas emissions or other negative impacts on the environment. These levers must offer additional savings potentials that go beyond what the customer would have otherwise been able to achieve without our support.

Our Green Optimization service can provide customers with a detailed analysis of their supply chain, identifying sources of emissions or other environmental impacts, and providing customized measures designed to minimize these impacts. We then work in close cooperation with our customers to implement the Green Optimization solutions.

One exemplary service of our Green Optimization offerings is DHL Envirosolutions. DHL Envirosolutions provides integrated environmental and logistics solutions that help our customers reduce their negative impacts on the environment and achieve environmental performance excellence.

The DHL Envirosolutions product and service offering, which is available to customers across all sectors, enables DHL to support its customers particularly in relation to waste reduction and recycling, meeting producer responsibility legislative requirements, and in driving broader environmental supply chain improvements.