Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Green Transformation Lab to accelerate the evolution of sustainable logistics across Asia Pacific

On May 9, 2013 DHL and Singapore Management University (SMU) announced the launch of their joint initiative, the Green Transformation Lab (GTL). The goal of the DHL-SMU collaboration is to help establish more sustainable logistics models across Asia Pacific through education, research and best practice development.

The Singapore-based Green Transformation Lab went into production mode immediately following its official launch and by the end of 2013, the GTL team, consisting of DHL logistics experts, SMU staff and students from the schools of Information Systems, Economics, Social Sciences and Business had completed the first three projects.

The first GTL project was an upgrade of the existing DHL Carbon Dashboard, an online tool which measures CO2 emissions along a manufacturer’s supply chain and maps them in relation to other supply chain management KPIs.

The second project was a study on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), an approach wherein manufacturers extend their responsibility beyond the life-cycle of their products and provide recycling and/or proper waste disposal. While EPR is already widely implemented in Europe, the GTL study analyzes EPR trends and developments in the Asia Pacific region and Africa.

The third project, a study on responsible business practice, identifies logistics companies’ core impacts on society and the environment.