Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Carbon-free delivery in Bonn

In May 2013 Deutsche Post DHL launched a pilot project for carbon-neutral delivery services in and around its home city Bonn. The first phase of the pilot involved expanding the fleet of electric delivery vehicles in Bonn and the surrounding area to 79 in all. The e-fleet includes small vans up to 5.2 tonnes, parcel delivery vehicles from Iveco, Renault and Mercedes, as well as 20 StreetScooters. The StreetScooter is a special electric delivery vehicle developed jointly by Deutsche Post DHL and StreetScooter GmbH, a spin-off company of RWTH Aachen University.

With Phase I of the project complete, the City of Bonn can now boast one of the largest electrically-powered commercial vehicle fleets in the world. Over the long term, the project will look to answer some of the basic questions concerning e-mobility and the large-scale deployment of electric vehicles. How do batteries and motors handle the frequent stops and starts of urban and residential delivery routes? How does charging the fleet affect the power supply grid? How does the use of e-vehicles impact costs? If the vehicles and charging technologies can meet expectations, deployment will be expanded over the course of two further project phases. Phase II calls for 40 new vehicles to be added to the fleet in 2014, at which point all of Bonn and three adjoining delivery areas will be serviced entirely by electric vehicles.

In 2015, Phase III will augment the fleet by another 20 electric delivery vehicles, and the test region’s remaining diesel-powered vehicles will be taken out of service. By the end of the pilot project, there will be a total of 141 electric delivery vehicles on Bonn’s roads. This translates into savings of more than 500 tonnes of CO2e each year. If it proves successful, the Bonn project might be the first of many electric delivery concepts implemented in other cities and regions.