Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Targeted solutions

Our direct greenhouse gas emissions result from three areas: air transport, road transport and the operation of our buildings and facilities. To increase our carbon efficiency, we apply tailored solutions to each of these areas.

Air transport is a particularly emissions-intensive area of our operations. Here we achieve carbon efficiency gains by continuously modernizing our air fleet, optimizing our routes and aircraft capacity utilization, and participating in initiatives that actively promote the research and development of alternative aviation fuels. In road transport, we implement efficiency measures according to specific vehicle type and usage. For short distances we increasingly rely on alternative drive technologies; for long-haul transport, we focus on aerodynamics, engine modifications and optimizing our routes and networks. When implementing energy efficiency measures in our buildings, we differentiate between own and leased buildings, as well as between different usage types and occupation periods, and select the appropriate measures accordingly, including energy-saving lighting upgrades or heating and cooling optimization measures.

All of these measures and initiatives are clearly prioritized, and the projects with the highest carbon efficiency improvement potential and optimal financial performance are always executed first.

Optimal solutions require the right approach. While green technology is an important part of our GoGreen program, it represents just one of several approaches to environmental protection. To improve our environmental performance, we rely on a combination of innovative technologies, intelligent process management, and the actions of environmentally-aware employees.