Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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DHL Resilience360 makes supply chains more robust

In the reporting year, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation developed an integrated risk-management solution for monitoring and building resiliency into supply chains. DHL Resilience360 consists of two products: a supply chain risk assessment and a software solution for monitoring supply chains.

As part of the risk assessment, we examine the vulnerability of our customers’ supply chains with regard to 20 different risk categories, including pandemics, political unrest and natural disasters. With the help of DHL’s software, customers can monitor their supply chains and identify disruptions in real time, and then quickly adopt alternative strategies.

The solution delivers significant economic and social benefits, since companies can maintain their operations in crisis situations, and people can continue to have access to the goods they need.

DHL Resilience360 involves a holistic approach, combining our core logistics know-how with a wealth of internal and external data.

As part of the DHL Resilience360 risk analysis, we identify weaknesses in the supply chain and create a risk profile. The goal is to implement short and long-term measures that will make supply chains less vulnerable to disruption and more capable of adopting alternative strategies. This includes improved flexibility within the supply chain in the case of disruptions. To this end, we have created a platform which allows users to monitor the full range of supply chain processes in real time, which means companies can react quickly as disruptions occur and reroute as needed. Because DHL Resilience360 protects customers from supply chain disruption and minimizes their risk, it makes a valuable contribution to economic sustainability for our customers.