Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Strategic Innovation

We pursue a two-pronged innovation strategy. First, we use existing technologies to make newer, more energy efficient and more resilient solutions. Second, we develop new, alternative technologies.

At the same time we look to collaborate with customers, suppliers, financial institutions, the scientific community, logistics initiatives, public institutions on the national and international level, as well as with many other stakeholder groups. This collaborative approach increases the success rate of our innovation projects, accelerates their progress and magnifies their impact.

Today we have a diverse range of innovation projects underway, each one tailored to the specific challenge, situation and country conditions. We launched several new projects over the course of the reporting year, and several of our ongoing projects reached important milestones in 2013. The following example projects – City Logistics planning in China’s megacities, intelligent delivery vehicles in India, building supply-chain resiliency for customers, and cold chain innovations for the transport of medicinal products – demonstrate how the principle of social responsibility guides our approach to innovation.