Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Managing & Supporting our Transport Partners

Managing scope 3 emissions

By calculating our scope 3 emissions and including our transport partners (subcontractors) in our analyses, we consciously highlight the environmental responsibility of our contract partners. This is all the more important, since approximately 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions are generated by these subcontractors. Because we do not usually have access to subcontractor emissions data, we rely on model calculations, which are based on our own operational data and allow for adequate emissions factors for the various modes of transport. We also maintain a comprehensive subcontractor management system, which considers environmental factors when selecting and commissioning subcontractors.

We engage in fuel and carbon reduction initiatives together with our subcontractors, allowing us to collect the consumption and emissions data necessary for effective subcontractor management. To this end, we participate in industry-wide initiatives such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) SmartWay program, and have played an active role in the founding of the Green Freight Europe and Green Freight Asia initiatives.

The goal of these initiatives is to reduce the fuel consumption of freight transport in Europe and Asia Pacific, and thereby reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower transportation costs across the entire supply chain over the long term. Both initiatives aim to drive positive change by creating a level playing field and advising stakeholders, which include subcontractors, manufacturers and logistics companies, as well as customers, industry organizations and governments, on sustainable supply chain practices. We will soon start recognizing companies that meet “green logistics” criteria defined by Green Freight Europe and Green Freight Asia certification.

We collaborate closely with customers, suppliers and even competitors, knowing full well that achieving our “big picture” climate protection goals will require a joint effort.