Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Subcontractor management for air and ocean operations

Our Global Forwarding business unit has developed carrier score cards for its subcontractors in air and ocean freight. These “Green Carrier Scorecards” are an important aspect of our subcontractor management approach and an effective tool for steering and implementing appropriate efficiency measures. As a member of the Clean Cargo Working Group, we are working towards greater sustainability in ocean freight shipping. In air freight, we are working together with our major airline partners and competitors to establish a standardized platform to gain better and more comparable transparency over the efficiency of air transport to further minimize our environmental impacts.

Our ocean freight business has grown substantially over the last several years, in part due to the modal shift of goods from air to ocean. Ocean cargo – in particular container shipping – is a highly efficient alternative for the transport of high volume cargo, especially for less time-sensitive goods. For decades now, the ocean freight container has served as an indispensable, all-purpose means for connecting the world’s markets, ensuring prosperity and a steady supply of goods. As the world’s second largest ocean freight forwarder, we regard it as our responsibility to continuously improve the efficiency of our ocean freight transport and reduce harmful emissions.

Our entire ocean freight operations are carried out by subcontractors. We therefore monitor and manage these relationships carefully with the help of a comprehensive subcontractor management system. This includes the Green Carrier Scorecard, an important tool that provides us with information on the shipping companies’ environmental balance sheets and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the reporting year, we were able to reduce ocean freight emissions by 0.4 million tonnes as compared to the previous year. This was due in part to our subcontractor management efforts, including our subcontractors’ use of modern vessels and implementation of strategic measures designed to reduce fuel consumption, such as slow steaming.