Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Avoiding and recycling waste

Materials such as wooden pallets, plastic shrink wrap, cardboard boxes and other packaging materials are indispensable in the logistics industry. But they are also a source of waste. Our offices and facilities also produce a considerable amount of waste, mostly in the form of paper waste. But as the business world becomes more and more digitized, we continue to promote paperless work environments and are doing what we can to reduce the unnecessary use of paper wherever and whenever possible.

In most cases, we place the task of maintaining our vehicle fleets and aircraft in the hands of the manufacturers or of other third-party maintenance providers. We employ a similar approach for the maintenance and disposal of our IT equipment. All of our maintenance and disposal contracts contain explicit provisions regarding responsible environmental practices and processes.

Innovative waste management also makes business sense for our customers, who are now turning to us for solutions. Through DHL Envirosolutions, an arm of our SUPPLY CHAIN division, we are now extending our expertise in waste management and waste reduction to customers around the globe.