Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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J D Wetherspoon and DHL Envirosolutions: Intelligent reverse logistics lowers costs and protects the environment

With more than 800 locations across the UK, J D Wetherspoon is the country’s largest pub chain. DHL Supply Chain UK, which operates J D Wetherspoon’s national distribution center, recently added J D Wetherspoon’s waste to its list of responsibilities. As the pub chain’s reverse logistics provider, the DHL Supply Chain fleet not only delivers but hauls away, transporting waste back to the distribution center, where it is sorted and recycled.

The goal of our waste management solution for J D Wetherspoon is two-fold: to reduce costs for the customer and to minimize the customer’s environmental impact. This means significantly reducing the amount of landfill waste. To achieve this, we optimized our waste management system in a three-step process. First, we conducted detailed inspections and audits of waste processing companies with which we cooperate. Second, we conducted extensive negotiations with buyers of recyclable materials to ensure the best possible prices. Finally, we made significant investments in our own distribution center recycling facilities to ensure that returned materials are sorted and processed for onward reuse and recycling as efficiently as possible.

The results speak for themselves: Over the last six years, DHL Envirosolutions has been able to divert 7,000 tonnes of waste from landfill, avoiding €620,000 in landfill fees, and generate revenues of over €1 million per annum from the sale of recyclable waste. The program, which now boasts a 100% recovery rate for recyclable or reusable materials, has also helped save more than 11,000 tonnes of CO2. This successful partnership earned us the CIWM Recycling Improvement Award in 2010.

The project with J D Wetherspoon is a fine example of our Shared Value philosophy. By optimizing our own processes, we not only support our market position and that of our customer, but also make a lasting contribution to environmental protection.