Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Paper: Minimizing use & promoting recycling

According to our Group Paper Policy, only recycled paper products are allowed when procuring paper or contracting services to manufacture or buy paper. Exceptions to this rule are clearly defined within the policy. Our procurement management also calls for favoring regional suppliers and providers whenever possible. This not only avoids nonessential transport but supports the local market by showing preference to regional paper manufacturers and printing shops. We also remain committed to minimizing the amount of paper used in the Group by shifting more and more to digital forms of communication.

Board presentations on recycled paper

It’s a sight that comes as a surprise to many Post Tower visitors: every printed memo or presentation handout has a slightly gray hue. That’s because at the Bonn headquarters and all other administrative locations across the Group, documents are printed not on bright white virgin paper, but on recycled paper, with no exceptions – not even for Board of Management or Supervisory Board draft resolutions. Along with “Post yellow” and “DHL red” the Group thus has a third unofficial brand color: “Recycled white”.