Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Preserving biodiversity

We also include the protection of the Earth’s biodiversity as one of our sustainability goals. To do our part in preserving biodiversity, we implement both direct measures designed to maintain and expand protected areas, as well as indirect measures, which include consciously avoiding or minimizing activities that have an adverse effect on biological diversity. A perfect example of one of our indirect measures is the Group’s climate protection project in Lesotho, where we have financed and distributed a total of 10,000 highly efficient stainless steel stoves. The stoves use up to 80% less firewood than traditional cooking methods, thereby generating significantly less carbon emissions and air pollution. They also help curb both deforestation and erosion.

We also do our part to protect species diversity, offering transport for the relocation of endangered species free of charge. Over the past two years our specialist teams from DHL have transported more than 20 endangered animals around the world, including three rhinos, two tigers and two giant pandas.

Our commitment to biodiversity is also reflected in our Policy on the Usage of Liquid Biofuels.