Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Corporate Citizenship: GoHelp, GoTeach & Employee Community Involvement

For us, “Living Responsibility” means assuming an active role in society. It means putting our strengths and core competencies to work - not only to further our own business success as a mail and logistics services group, but to address the social challenges we face around the world today.

Our corporate citizenship activities are designed for effective, long-term impact, and are an integral part of our Corporate Strategy. Through our GoTeach program, we help achieve long-term improvements in educational opportunity and employability for young people worldwide. With GoHelp, we help advance disaster management practices at airports in disaster-prone regions. We also provide support to local environmental protection and community service projects initiated by our employees.

We rely on our employees, who dedicate their time and expertise, and collaborate with established partner organizations to carry out these core activities, allowing us to maximize their impact. At the same time, our corporate citizenship activities also help create sustainable business success for our company.