Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Local projects

  • Jean Claude (24) is from Madagascar. As the youngest of eight siblings, he was eight years old before he could attend school. Thanks to support received through our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages, he was able complete a Bachelor Degree in nursing, graduating first in his class. Today, at just 24, he works as a nursing care manager at several hospitals while continuing to pursue further professional training.
  • Jonathan (17), from Brazil, worked with a DHL mentor who helped him overcome his shyness. Today, Jonathan is pursuing professional training at DHL Supply Chain in Brazil and plans to attend university after completing his training.

  • Sandhya (23) is an exceptionally talented and intelligent young woman from Nepal, who, thanks to support from the GoTeach program, was able to study at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. In 2012 she attracted considerable attention with an outstanding presentation at one of our conferences in Bonn. Today, Sandhya works in HR at DHL Supply Chain.
  • In Madagascar, 400 young people from around the country came to take part in a career conference in the capital city Antananarivo. DHL invited its customers and business partners to give presentations and provide the young participants with some insight into the working world and how to get started.

  • In Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa, employees organized multi-week training programs covering topics such as business etiquette, time management, financial management, customer service, as well as job interview and job application techniques. Several participants were able to begin internships immediately following the training. 

  • DHL Ethiopia organized a workshop on entrepreneurship for 40 graduates of the SOS Children’s Villages vocational training center in Addis Abeba. A similar event was held in Uganda.

  • In South Africa we have developed a multistep program. After a day-long career orientation event, we offer short introductory internships in several of DHL’s operational areas. Those interested can then begin a longer internship in an area of their choice. At the same time, they can take part in skills workshops and receive support and guidance from DHL mentors.