Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Teach For All: A hands-on educational movement

Deutsche Post DHL launched its partnership with the global education network Teach For All in 2010 and extended the contract for an additional three years in 2013. With our support, the Teach For All network grew from 26 to 32 independent partner organizations in the reporting year.

As part of our commitment, we provide support to the worldwide Teach For All parent organization as well as to seven national organizations in Germany, India, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Spain and the Philippines. The newest partnership, with Teach for the Philippines, was launched in August 2013. Additional country-level partnerships will be established in the near future. Our support for these partner organizations includes financial assistance, donations, and the hands-on involvement of our employees.

Teach For All, committed to addressing the worldwide problem of educational inequity, is driven by the idea that every child, regardless of their parents’ socio-economic status, should have access to quality education. To this end, Teach For All partner organizations recruit and train exceptional university graduates and young professionals to serve as teachers (“teaching participants”) for two years at a school in a high-need community.

The Teach For All model brings double benefits. While students improve their academic performance over the short/medium term, the teaching participants take on responsibility as agents of change, expand their horizons and build their leadership skills.

Teach For All is confident that teaching participants, after completing the program, will remain active advocates for equal educational opportunity and help shape the future of education as professionals in education, the public sector, business or the non-profit world. Today, Teach For All has 35,000 alumni, many of whom are in leadership positions or on track to become leaders in their fields. In the reporting year, more than 15,000 teaching participants were deployed on teaching assignments around the world, reaching a total of 1.3 million children and young people.

Many of the Teach For All network partners are new, fast-growing organizations who need support in establishing management systems and processes, and we get involved here, too. As an example, we took our First Choice method, something that we continuously apply to optimize our own processes, and adapted it to the needs of an educational organization. Based on this, we then conducted a series of workshops with the Teach For All network partners.

We also established mentoring programs for both teaching participants and high school students designed to provide support in the areas of personal development and career guidance. In the reporting year, approximately 840 of our employees took part in 65 partnership activities. About 60 of these employees volunteered their time as mentors to Teach For All teaching participants and students.