Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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DHL Sinotrans delivers WheelsPlusWings

The WheelsPlusWings initiative has an ambitious goal. It helps provide wheelchairs to children and young people with disabilities in China and other Asian countries. The chairs are top-quality, light-weight, durable, and feature colorful designs. And for the children and young people (and their parents), they represent much more than a way to get around. The wheelchairs make it possible for the children to leave the house, go to school and, in spite of their disability, find their place in society and life. For the founders of WheelsPlusWings, the chairs also transport an even bigger idea. They want society to recognize what people with physical disabilities can achieve in life, and they want to break down the barriers entrenched in the minds of the children, their families and their communities.

DHL Sinotrans became the official logistics partner for WheelsPlusWings in 2013, providing transport of the wheelchairs free of charge. One of the first young people to receive a new wheelchair was the 20-year-old Mengxing, a young woman with brittle bones, who has received support from WheelsPlusWings for several years. As a child, Mengxing was not able to leave the house, so she taught herself how to draw and paint. Today her work includes manga-influenced portraits of herself and her disability.

September 21, 2013 was Global Volunteer Day and a special day for Mengxing as well. She not only received a new wheelchair, but celebrated the opening of her first solo exhibition featuring her graphic art and paintings. The show was a success, and guests included ambassadors, international business executives, artists and film industry representatives. Mengxing now has two main goals: to continue building career as an artist and to attend school.