Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Co-workers & Co-creators

Our company owes its success to the commitment, creativity and expertise of our approximately 480,000 employees around the world.

We want to create the best environment for our people – where they find enjoyment, meaning and pride in their roles and responsibilities – and we are in a very good position to provide this kind of work experience. As the postal service for Germany, and the logistics company for the world, our central mission is to connect people. This is meaningful work, and our employees are co-creators in this process of bringing people together.

Another key to an attractive working environment – and to achieving our goal of becoming Employer of Choice – is our corporate culture built on openness, trust and mutual respect. We want our employees, each and every one, to be able to tap their talents and potential in an environment decidedly free from prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping. Our active diversity management is an important lever to ensure that goal. Our innovative programs and activities in the areas of occupational safety and health management have proven their ability to create a safe, secure and healthy working environment.

As an international company, our priority is to ensure that our high HR standards are being met in all of the regions in which we operate. With our Code of Conduct and other Group policies, we make sure our executives and employees around the world are able to uphold and implement our standards. This includes our commitment to workers’ rights and our constructive working relationships with employee representatives and labor unions. HR financials are included in our Annual Report 2013.