Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Occupational Safety & Security

We bear responsibility for the safety of our employees and provide them with effective protection against dangers and risks in their working environment. Any work accident at our company is one too many. For this reason among others, we have created a framework to address these risks and to promote the health and safety of our employees on behalf of the entire company, our new “Health, Safety & Well-being” strategy.

In order to protect our employees, we have drafted a comprehensive set of rules that far exceeds the requirements of statutory occupational safety regulations and minimum standards. During the development and updating of both these rules and suitable training activities we have been working closely together with employee representatives and organizations.

Our employees are regularly briefed on safety in the workplace thanks to a series of preventive occupational safety measures. In Germany alone, the Occupational Safety team supports around 200,000 employees in our companies. The organization of Occupational Safety covers all of our locations and is part of our quality management system, which meets the requirements of the EN ISO 9001 standard.