Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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“One HR” – Redesigning Human Resources

Our goal in Human Resources is to further enhance the business performance of the Group and its divisions. In 2012, we launched “One HR”, our program to realign structures and core topics within Human Resources. The program achieved several milestones over the course of the reporting year.

This includes a cross-divisional decision-making body for all HR issues. Chaired by the Board Member for Human Resources, this body consists of the heads of all divisional as well as Corporate Center HR functions. We also redesigned our working structures to reach a clearer assignment of responsibilities within HR. For all changes, we aim to balance Group-wide harmonization and divisional as well as regional autonomy.

As part of the realignment in core HR fields, we also launched several strategic initiatives in 2013, each sponsored by a member of the Board of Management. Major focus areas include:

  • Identifying and developing talents:
    developing Group-wide, standardized guidelines for performance and talent management. 

  • Industrial relations:
    developing a framework for employer-employee relations, establishing principles, and defining the most important global processes and operational mechanisms.

  • Improving transparency:
    Group-wide harmonization of KPI definitions and standardizing the reporting on the HR function and related costs.

  • HR Shared Services:
    providing standardized HR processes cross-divisionally that improve service quality and increase efficiency.