Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Comprehensive survey approach

In the fiscal year 2013 we invited a total of 8,744 individuals from our most important stakeholder groups to share their opinion on sustainability-related topics as well as on our own performance in these areas as part of an international, anonymized online survey. Participants included employees, investors, customers, NGOs, policymakers, suppliers, journalists, academic institutions, associations and councils, as well as CR experts. A total of 831 stakeholders took part in the survey and completed the questionnaire in full.

The questionnaire comprised 25 questions covering six different topic clusters: Ethical Governance and Sustainability Strategy, Product Responsibility and Marketplace, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Fair Operating Practices, Environment and Corporate Citizenship.

The survey topics were defined based on various recommendations and guidelines (e.g. the Global Reporting Initiative – GRI, UN Global Compact and recommendations from the OECD) as well as sustainability rating standards, internal evaluation methods and customer feedback.

The respondents were asked to rate the topics in terms of their general relevance for an international logistics provider like Deutsche Post DHL. Our materiality analysis is based on the evaluation of the survey results.