Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Materiality analysis affirms Corporate Strategy

The evaluation reveals that stakeholders assign particularly high relevance to business-critical issues in the context of corporate responsibility. The topic clusters “Labor Practices and Human Rights” as well as “Fair Operating Practices” are regarded as issues of high relevance by both internal and external stakeholders. The survey findings also affirm our corporate strategy of becoming the provider, investment and employer of choice, goals we are on our way to meeting through responsible business practices.

The materiality analysis also highlights the importance of our Group-wide environmental protection program GoGreen. Not only do environmentally responsible products and services represent a promising future market. In the eyes of our stakeholders, they are also deemed highly relevant to our corporate responsibility efforts.

Improvement areas identified

Drawing on our survey findings as well as other insights gained from studies, customer input and internal analyses, we have identified topics - primarily in the areas of fair business practices and the environment - in which we hope to achieve an ever better understanding of our stakeholders’ views and expectations. Our new Responsible Business Practice network, established in the reporting year, will work on systematically improving our performance in these areas.