Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Our CR Action Areas

Shared Value

The Shared Value proposition has developed into an integral part of our corporate responsibility strategy. Shared Value is about creating value for the benefit of a larger “community”, including the company, society and the natural environment in which it operates. Accordingly, we regard Shared Value as a value-adding approach that generates business by tackling social and environmental issues with our core competencies.

A strong example of our Shared Value approach is the further development of our portfolio of eco-friendly GOGREEN products and services. These help us to open new business opportunities. At the same time, innovative solutions enable us to increase our productivity, lessen our dependence on fossil fuels and help us reduce costs.

Corporate Citizenship

Our work in the area of corporate citizenship is about creating value for both society and our company; it is about applying our strengths and core competencies for the good of the global community, and working closely with experienced partners.

The Group and its employees invest their time and expertise in various collaborative projects with our partner organizations, with the goal of addressing social challenges and ensuring the success of our business over the long term. Our Group-wide programs help improve educational opportunity and employability for young people, deploy disaster management experts to airports, and support local environmental protection and other community projects initiated by our employees.

In 2013, we adopted a global corporate citizenship strategy and established an internal working group of corporate citizenship experts to enhance the impact of our current and future activities in this area. In addition, we defined KPIs designed to increase the transparency of these activities.