Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Ratings & Rankings

Our performance on corporate responsibility issues is monitored and assessed by rating agencies and other independent institutions for economic, environmental and ethical sustainability, as well as for good governance practices. The agencies conduct their analyses based on their own set of principles and criteria.

Issuers of sustainability indices use the opinions of the rating agencies to determine whether a company is to be listed – or delisted – in an index. Customers and investors increasingly turn to index listings to guide them in their decisions regarding whether to do business with or invest in a company.

The analyses of non-financial factors are also used as a metric for predicting a company’s long-term potential. Because they are often used as an additional measure of our success, ratings are strategically important for our company. This makes rating agencies an important stakeholder group for Deutsche Post DHL. We included rating agencies in our 2013 Stakeholder Survey, the basis of our materiality analysis, and intend to strengthen our dialogue with them in the years to come.