Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Maintaining & Deepening the Stakeholder Dialogue

The Group’s stakeholder groups are diverse – they include our customers, employees and investors, as well as suppliers, subcontractors, policymakers, administrative bodies and government regulators, the public, the media and NGOs.

We maintain a continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and engage them on both a global and local level through events, workshops, presentations, surveys and joint bodies and committees.

We make it a priority to maintain and deepen the dialogue with our stakeholders, so that we can develop an even better understanding of their views and expectations. We also want to collaborate with stakeholders to address current and emerging social and business challenges.

This is why the systematic involvement of our stakeholders is so important to us. To this end, we began implementing a series of measures in 2013 that we plan to develop even further in the years to come. We conducted a comprehensive stakeholder survey, for example, which was used to undertake a materiality analysis. We performed an in-depth stakeholder analysis, created a stakeholder map and held dialogue events. We also laid the groundwork for a Stakeholder Relations policy.

Our efforts in the area of stakeholder relations follow the AA1000 SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard developed by the international organization AccountAbility. We strive to further integrate its principles - materiality (relevance and significance of issues for stakeholders), inclusivity (promoting stakeholder participation in strategic developments) and responsiveness (adequate response to stakeholder concerns and the willingness to address them through dialogue and action) - into our stakeholder relationships.

The insight gained from the dialogue with our stakeholders also helps define the thematic focus of our corporate responsibility reporting.

In the reporting year we used the results from a stakeholder analysis to create a Deutsche Post DHL stakeholder map.

Main stakeholder groups, selected communications measures and memberships & partnerships

  • Customers
    Annual customer satisfaction surveys, market research, numerous customer conferences and events, customer magazines, websites, social media channels, Logistics Newsroom information portal, customer service center

  • Employees and their representatives 
    Annual employee opinion survey, Employee Trend Monitor (6 times per year), internal media, discussion platforms on the Intranet and Extranet, internal collaboration platform (Yammer), employee events, works council meetings, works council committees, DPDHL Forum (twice yearly)

  • Investors
    Capital Markets Day, Annual General Meeting, announcement of annual and quarterly results, regular investor roadshows and investor conferences, tutorial workshops, investor surveys and studies

  • Suppliers and transportation subcontractors
    Participation in trade association working groups and other industry initiatives. Among the goals: developing industry-wide standards for emissions data measurement.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
    Regular meetings, conferences and symposia; ongoing partnerships and collaborative projects

  • Policymakers
    Regular events to promote dialogue and exchange

  • Science and research
    Collaboration on innovation projects, dialogue via conferences and symposia

  • Media
    Continuous dialogue and exchange, active and reactive media relations, media monitoring, media response analysis, media cooperations, workshops, social media activities, Logistics Newsroom

  • Citizens
    Dialogue on corporate responsibility topics/issues

  • Experts
    Dialogue with opinion leaders about social developments and their impact on logistics. As part of our future studies series “Delivering Tomorrow” we also seek interdisciplinary dialogue with opinion leaders from various disciplines. To this end, we have created and established the Delphi Dialog 2020 format.


Memberships & partnerships:

We engage in exchange as part of various memberships and partnerships