Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Civil dialogue on the “Carbon-Free Delivery in Bonn” project

With the launch of its pilot project “Carbon-Free Delivery in Bonn” in May 2013, Deutsche Post DHL has initiated the very first carbon-free vehicle deployment concept for an entire large city. The goal of the long-term study is to explore several fundamental questions regarding the use of electro-mobility for larger fleets.

The project was first announced publicly at a press conference on May 21, 2013 in Bonn. Deutsche Post DHL also presented the project to Bonn’s residents as an exhibitor at Bonn’s “Tag der Elektromobilität” (E-mobility Day) event on September 14, 2013. The event was open to the public, with the main venue on Bonn's Münsterplatz square. Deutsche Post DHL took part in order to demonstrate the potential of innovative, climate-friendly mobility, to generate interest in e-mobility, and to gather feedback on its carbon-free delivery project.

Public feedback

Of the visitors to the Bonn event, 142 submitted their feedback, which was very positive overall. 81.7% of survey participants considered carbon-free mail and parcel delivery in their city a positive development and sign of progress, while 10.4% indicated no clear opinion on the project. Only 7.9% of the survey participants expressed a negative view. Skeptics cited the lack of green electricity, which they felt might be exacerbated by the deployment of the electric fleet, and raised concerns about rising electricity prices, the practicability of e-mobility technology, and the potential dangers of near noiseless electric vehicles.

Respondents also indicated that eco-friendly delivery using electric vehicles has a significant, positive effect on customer acceptance. 80.3% of survey participants at the Bonn event indicated that carbon-free mail and parcel delivery would be a reason to choose Deutsche Post DHL over other postal and parcel delivery companies.