Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Compliance Management: Legally Compliant & Value-Oriented

Compliance management at our company follows an approach that is simultaneously value- and risk-oriented. At Deutsche Post DHL compliance means that we adhere to laws and regulations, Group policies (in particular our Code of Conduct) and measurable voluntary self-commitments that the Group makes to third parties.

Compliance objectives

With its value-oriented approach, our compliance management promotes correct behavior and the social legitimacy of our mission. Its risk orientation helps us to avoid financial disadvantages and reputational damage, protect executive body members, managerial staff and employees from personal liability and steer clear of competitive disadvantages. We are convinced that strict compliance makes an extensive contribution to the commercial success of our company.

Compliance management is firmly established throughout the Group worldwide. Compliance requirements also apply to subsidiaries in which Deutsche Post DHL has a majority interest or controlled stake. Moreover, business partners such as suppliers, subcontractors and other agents are also subject to our compliance requirements.

The special significance of corruption prevention at our company is laid down in the Group’s Anti-Corruption Policy, introduced in 2009. The policy gives our employees guidelines for avoiding situations that could cast doubt on the integrity of actions taken by Deutsche Post DHL. Furthermore, these guidelines contain rules for examining our business partners – including subcontractors, joint venture partners, agents and advisors – as well as rules for Group donations and contributions to political parties or governments.