Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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“A data protection law that is the same around the world does not exist“

Ms. Krader, what is Deutsche Post DHL’s understanding of data protection?

Gabriela Krader: Based on tradition alone, a profound one. We are the postal service for Germany. The preservation of postal privacy is laid down in the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany. We have always been deeply aware of the need for data privacy. That applies not only to our traditional mail services, but also to our digital offers like the E-Post. We also pursue high standards internationally. As a multinational company, we face a particular challenge in the international transfer of data.

What is that challenge?

Gabriela Krader: One difficulty involves fulfilling statutory provisions around the world, which to some extent are very different. A data protection law that is the same around the world does not exist. In Germany alone there are a number of laws and regulations, standards and provisions related to data protection. In the USA, it is often said, data privacy is handled more laxly than in Germany. That is completely not true. Their approach is simply different; data protection there has a much more sector-specific orientation. A second challenge is that the legal situation is changing in many countries and the judiciary and supervisory authorities in the countries are continually facing new demands.

How do you cope with this flood of individual provisions and changes?

Gabriela Krader: First of all, we provide extensive and timely advice to support our business divisions. To ensure that the need for advice is indeed recognized, we are continually launching initiatives aimed at heightening awareness of data protection issues. And of course we monitor compliance with provisions wherever it is necessary and provide a concentrated response to complaints and inquiries.

That sounds like a lot of work …

Gabriela Krader: That’s true, but we have developed standardized processes in many areas. That makes verification simpler and more reliable.

How do you implement your standards in the different countries?

Gabriela Krader: Our Data Privacy Policy provides an essential framework for any measure that is required. The current on-going process focuses on obtaining an active declaration of policy compliance from company management throughout the Group, which we use to increase awareness of data privacy issues and establish clear responsibilities. At the same time, the Data Privacy Policy helps us to demonstrate to customers, business partners and regulators which data protection standards and requirements are applied worldwide within the Group.

Gabriela Krader is the Corporate Data Protection Officer.