Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Ten years of Deutsche Post DHL Forum & dialogue in Europe

The Deutsche Post DHL Forum is a joint body of employee representatives (European Works Council – EWC) and management representatives (European Management Forum - EMF) from 30 European countries. At least one employee representative from each country is elected or appointed to participate in the EWC, depending on the number of employees in the given country. The Deutsche Post DHL Forum is jointly chaired by one EWC member and one EMF member. Following the latest round of EWC member elections and appointments, the Deutsche Post DHL Forum met in November 2012 for the constitutive session of its third term. In 2013, the Forum and its committees met more than thirty times.

The Deutsche Post DHL Forum is responsible for matters that have an impact on the Group as a whole or on at least two operations or two companies in different European member states. Following a joint request by its chairpersons, the Deutsche Post DHL Forum is also informed of any measures that have a fundamental impact on employees in one of the 30 European countries and have strategic implications for the business in Europe.

The global union federations UNI Global Union (UNI) and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) are each entitled to appoint a representative to participate in the regular meetings of the Deutsche Post DHL Forum. This promotes direct and open communication across country and language boundaries for the benefit of both the Group and its employees.

In November 2013, the Deutsche Post DHL Forum looked back on ten years of its own existence. On the occasion of the anniversary date, employee representatives from the European Works Council and representatives of the European Management Forum reflected on the foundation and launch phase of this important joint body and underscored its significance for the development of the company. Major topics discussed in the past ten years by the Deutsche Post DHL Forum were the integration of Exel after the acquisition in 2005 and the relocation of the European air freight hub from Brussels to Leipzig.

The European Works Council and Central Management stress their willingness to engage in open dialogue. Both emphasize that economic and social aspects in line with the company’s guiding principles together form the basis of a future-oriented corporate policy. They recognize their different roles whilst working together constructively.