Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Industrial relations & Human Rights

Our most important Group policy, the Code of Conduct, was last revised in 2012 and now contains a separate chapter in which we commit to respecting human rights including freedom to associate.

Quote from the Deutsche Post DHL Code of Conduct

“Our employees are free to join or not to join a union/employee representation of their choice, free from threat or intimidation. We recognize and respect the right to collectively bargain in accordance with applicable laws.”

In order to ensure that our Code of Conduct is implemented by all companies within the Group worldwide, we initiated a variety of measures in 2013. One in particular involved the development of an assessment process which we have implemented in four developing markets as part of a pilot project. This included reviewing local policies and procedures as well as interviewing managers and employees across different divisions in the Group. These activities helped increase managerial awareness about industrial relations and human rights. This process is managed at a corporate level resulting in actions plans being developed at a local level. In 2014, we plan to expand this pilot to six more countries in developing markets.

In addition to that, in the reporting year we also created the Industrial Relations Forum made up of senior industrial relations experts from each division across the Group, amongst others. Participants share their experiences and best practices and processes and drive training and communication. This forum will continue to promote and help further industrial relations and human rights globally within the Group.

Moreover we have introduced training for managerial staff that will deepen their understanding of industrial relations and human rights, as well as their roles and responsibilities as managers. The next step will be to introduce an e-learning module as an additional training tool in 2014.