Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Identifying & Assessing

As an internationally operating mail and logistics company, we deal with constant change. Our aim is to identify the resulting opportunities and risks at an early stage and to take the necessary measures in the specific areas affected in due time to ensure that we achieve a sustained increase in enterprise value. Our Group-wide opportunity and risk management system facilitates this aim.

Each quarter, managers estimate the impact of future scenarios, evaluate the opportunities and risks for their departments, and present planned measures as well as those already taken. Queries are made and approvals given on a hierarchical basis to ensure that different managerial levels are involved in the process. Newly identified opportunities and risks can also be reported at any time on an ad hoc basis.

Our opportunity and risk management system also covers risks in the areas of environmental management, litigation or personnel. The early identification process interlinks the Group’s opportunity and risk management into uniform reporting standards. We continuously improve the IT application used for this purpose. In standard evaluations, we also use a Monte Carlo simulation for the purpose of aggregating opportunities and risk. Opportunities and risks are presented in our 2013 Annual Report.

To identify non-financial opportunities and risks, we created the new Responsible Business Practice network in the reporting year. In it we devise suitable measures for overarching subject areas such as HR, data privacy, health & safety, security, procurement, compliance, the environment, and society, as well as advise on corporate policies and develop management parameters.