Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Environmental protection starts with procurement

Environmental aspects play a major role in the procurement of products and services. That is why our Corporate Investment Policy specifies that the company may not make a replacement purchase if the replacement is not more energy efficient than its predecessor model or does not at least offer other environmental advantages. This applies in particular to our aircraft and vehicle fleets. Exceptions are possible only to a very limited extent; each individual investment decision must be made transparent and approved by responsible decision-making bodies.

In our Paper Policy we acknowledge the principles of sustainable forestry. According to that policy, recycled paper must always be selected whenever paper is purchased or whenever services are procured for the purchase of paper.

Sustainability and innovation projects in 2013

In 2013, Corporate Procurement participated in a number of sustainability and innovations projects. Notably, they included the switch made by additional business units in the USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and Poland from “gray” electricity (from non-renewable sources) to “green” electricity (from renewable energy sources). One particular challenge, however, was the Environmental Policy-compliant procurement of green electricity in sufficient quality and quantities in regions with little experience in green electricity. In addition, Procurement provided crucial assistance with the modernization of our aircraft and road transport fleet. Procurement also assisted the divisions in the purchase of vehicles with alternative drive systems and the development of the StreetScooter, an electric delivery vehicle. Procurement also collaborated with our real estate unit on a number of initiatives aimed at reducing the energy used for heating and lighting. One such activity was the testing of so-called smart meters