Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Advising & decision-making

In the reporting year, new committees were created to address issues of corporate responsibility. Internal as well as external stakeholders contribute their views and expertise to these bodies. This creates a broader basis for decisions and allows us to accelerate our decision-making process.

  • RBP Working Group: We have formalized the exchange on overarching CR topics in the reporting year. The RBP Working Group discusses comprehensive CR issues and submits them to the RBP Council for decision. 
  • Sustainability Advisory Council (SAC): This body was established to incorporate external perspectives and expertise at an early stage. This advisory committee is an internationally staffed body of independent experts and thought leaders from different disciplines (science, economics, the humanitarian community, environment, logistics, politics, the media, and ethics). It will convene for the first time in Bonn in the first quarter of 2014 for a constitutive session. 
  • HR Board: Also created in the reporting year, the HR Board serves as a cross-divisional decision-making body for issues related to personnel. It is chaired by the Board Member for Human Resources, and members of the HR departments in the divisions and HR functions within the Corporate Center are represented.
  • Integrity Board: Our Integrity Board has representatives of Group management, including two Board of Management members – Larry Rosen, Angela Titzrath – and prominent individuals from outside the Group. It deals with fundamental questions of corporate integrity, the organization of the superordinate integrity management and the further development of the Code of Conduct. 

Reporting lines and bodies that already exist remain unchanged.