Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
Corporate Responsibility Report 2013
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Organization & reporting lines

In order to identify opportunities and risks in a timely fashion and develop and implement a systematic information process, we further refined our “Living Responsibility” strategy in the reporting year.

Here we intend to make more intensive use of the “Shared Value” approach to value creation in order to pursue our centrally managed activities related to environment and climate protection and develop and market environmentally-friendly products and services (GOGREEN).

We also formalized the cross-divisional exchange on CR-related topics in the reporting year by creating our new cross-divisional Responsible Business Practice (RBP) network. It serves as a forum for the representatives of various corporate functions, such as Compliance, Supplier Management, and the divisions. The network ensures the systematic coordination of stakeholder requirements with Group activities.

The Human Resources board department is responsible for all employee-related issues, data privacy and the dialogue with employee representatives. The Chief Compliance Officer reports to the Chief Financial Officer, who also oversees the internal service areas (GBS functions including procurement and supplier management). The GoGreen Sponsors Board discusses and presides over issues related to the environment.